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What is Case Study Method?

In brief - Case study method is a really a comprehensive & focused form of learning by doing. It promotes individual problem solving abilities as well as working in team.
Today’s executives are dealing with a complex and unprecedented brew of social, environmental, market, and technological trends. These require sophisticated and comprehensive learning methodology.

Advantages of Case Study Method

Case Study method is one of the most effective and practical way to learn managerial skills. It puts the candidates into the position of decision makers with often not enough information. Managers in real time have to piece together segregated information and have to come up with a solution that requires both science and art of decision making.
Case study method helps in sharpening the analytical skills of business executives as on their part case study method requires them to produce both qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis to support their recommendations. A good business executive should able to present and defend the arguments and recommendations based on the facts in the case, problem solving approach and by reasoning the outcome rigorously.
Because case study method involves range of companies and industries they provide business executives an exposure to different market structure, business models, drivers of competitive advantages in different industries and above all an opportunity to segregate their present knowledge and problem at hand in the case study.

Case Study Analysis and Solutions Essentials

In an expert case solution candidates are required to present their experience, expertise, observations, analyses, and ability to quantitatively express the above three together. In case study solution candidates are expected – to identify the case study’s central problem, analyzing those problems and proposing robust solutions based on the content of the case itself.
Case study analysis and solutions are evaluated in the light of different participants’ clear understanding of the case central problems, how it is related to their experiences and attitudes they gained from working in different jobs. All most all the time business executives worked in different industries analyze the problem differently as their understanding of organizational needs and interdependencies in a certain industry are shaped by the industry they worked in.